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October 2019
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Sean is back with his thoughts on the MLB trades, including what Billy Beane is doing in Oakland. Then it's on to the NFL and Brady's suspension being upheld. Plus will Russel Wilson sign his contract? Finally Sean tells us about a unique car accesory for the burrito lover in your house. 

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This week Sean talks about the Warriors Finals performance so far and what he sees happening the rest of the series. Then it's on to baseball and what the A's need to do and who to trade. Finally it's NFL QB contract talk. 

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This week Sean battles his love of the Warriors, but need to record his show. Plus, what can the A's do??

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Sean is back with his thoughts on the first 3 weeks of MLB action, then it's on to the NBA Playoffs and Seans thoughts on the teams from the East (they are garbage) Finally Sean talks NFL schedules and the specifically the Seahawks. 

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This time Sean talks about and gives his predictions for the Final 4. Then it's A's talk, NFL draft, and finally NBA and his predictions for the MVP. 

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It's all NFL trade talk today. Sean gives his winners and losers in the offseason trades. Congrats to Sean for TWENTY FIVE shows too!

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The 11yr old kid who knows more about sports is back and so is baseball season. Sean analyzes the A's Cactus League win over the Giants. He then talks about the big McCoy trade in The NFL. Finally it's college basketball and who can beat Kentucky. 

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Sean continues his analysis of the upcoming MLB season and his picks for the National League, also Barry Zito back in Oakland, and what trades will be made in the NBA All Star Break. 

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This week Sean gives his picks for the American League and his opinion on whether A-Rod would be a fit for the A's. Then it's college basketball and his early picks for the NCAAA...can you say Harvard?

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This week Sean talks about his disapointing Superbowl Sunday and his thoughts about next season. Then it's NBA time and he talks about the Golden State Warriors and who might win in the East. Finally is Back To The Future right about the Cubs winning in 2015?

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It's a special edition of Sean The Sports kid as he celebrates 20 shows and the Superbowl. Sean gives predictions for the coin toss, and score for every quarter, plus what team are animals picking?

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This week Sean gives his opinion on deflategate and recaps the amazing win by the Seattle Seahawks. Then it's on to the NBA, Steph Curry winning the All Star vote and what Steve Kerr has done. Finally he talks about Sherzer's new contract and how it rates with past big money deals. 

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Sean's back with his analysis of the A's recent moves. Then he wraps up college football season, talks about Cardell Jones not going to NFL, and his predictions for the NFL championship games. Email Sean at with your questions. 

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It's Sean's last show of 2014 and he thinks he has the line up for the Athletics figured out. He'll also give his lay out for the NFL playoffs all the way to the Superbowl and find out is he won his Fantasy League. 

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This week Sean talks about the A's latest trade and talks about the teams who have made good trades in the offseason. Then college football talk and Sean changes a pick. Finally it's NFL and Sean's Christmas sports wish list. 

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The A's have made a lot of trades and Sean thinks they will still be ok. Plus around the league including the Cespedes trade. The College Playoffs are set and Sean likes the picks. Then it's on to the NFL with Harbaugh's future and will the Raiders content next year?

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This week it's lots of A's talk with the trade of Josh Donaldson to Toronto, plus is Moss leaving and where will Lester end up. Next up it's college football and Sean's predictions for the playoffs. Finally it's the NFL and Sean talks about his new love for the Seahawks, plus a bet on the Raider/49er game. 

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This weeks its the Turkey Day Edition of STSK. Sean starts with major league baseball trades including Sandoval going to Boston. Then it's on to to College Footbal and Sean makes a case for Oregon being #1. Finally it's the NFL with his Thanksgiving Day picks and the lock and upset of the week. 

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This week Sean is back talking baseball as the A's pick up Billy Butler...can they get Cespedes back? Then it's college football and why Georgia could mess up everything up in the SEC. Finally he talks 49ers gives his lock and upset of the week. 

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This week Sean starts this years baseball rumors, including who the A's might trade. Then it's NBA talk, his college football playoff predictions, and NFL talk including this weeks picks. 

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It's Sean 10th show! This week he talks about the Giants and gives his predictions for next season. We find out if Sean won his bet and talk college football playoff picture. Plus LeBron James and his NFL lock and upset for the week. 

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This week Sean breaks down the World Series and gives his prediction. Then it's college football talk about Ole Miss, Miss St, USC and Utah. Plus Sean makes a bet on the WVU/OK ST game. Finally it's the NFL with Sean's lock and upset of the week. 

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This week Sean gives his prediction for the World Series, there is a lot of college football talk, and the NBA is getting ready to kick off. Plus a letter a from Ireland and his picks for the week.

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This week Sean talks about the MLB playoffs and his idea to change the format. He talks Heisman trophy and ends the show with his lock of the week and upset of the week for the NFL. Email Sean at 

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This week Sean breaks down the A's season and the what players will be on the team next year. He talks playoff winners and losers and who he thinks will win the World Series. Finally its NFL time and Sean talks about his mispicks last week and makes his lock and upset for this week. 

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Sean is 11years old, from the East Bay CA, and knows more about sports than you do. This week Sean gives his picks including an upset for the 49ers. The playoff picture in baseball is becoming clear and Sean gives his predictions, plus college football and is Lester the X factor. You can email Sean at 

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Sean is an 11yr old from Oakland CA and he knows more about sports than you. This week Sean talks about the A's chances of making playoffs and is Billy Beane to blame. Who is looking good in College Football? Are the 49ers in trouble and Sean's lock and upset of the week. Plus a fan question. Email Sean at 

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Sean is an 11yr old from the East Bay and he knows more about sports than you do! This week Sean talks about how the 49ers looked against the Cowboys and why Dallas is going to be terrible. Sean then turns his attention to Roger Godell and why he will be gone as commisioner by next year. The A's look like they may be turning it around, why their pitching will win October. Finally it's fantasy talk and Sean's team in winning. 

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Sean is 11 years old and lives in the East Bay and he knows more about sports than you do! This week Sean talks about the A's and Angels and what will happen in the month of September. Sean then talks the NFL and the dominance of Seattle. Finally Sean talks about his Fantasy Team. For comments email 

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This week we introduce you to Sean, he's 11 and knows about sports than you! This week Sean talks about The NFL wanting to have Fantasy Football taught in schools.

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